We read to know we are not alone. -CS Lewis Children's books

2 Homes Products creates books and other products designed specifically for children and families trapped in the complicated and overwhelming life of the modern family.  Almost half of all children in North America will witness the divorce or separation of their parents.  This number is echoed globally.  In addition to these innocent children, many other children are affected by the complexities of blended families.  Half- and step-siblings also face unique emotional and mental challenges.  Regardless of their age, most of these children do not have the maturity or understanding to navigate a blended family or the accompanying conflict.

Everyday, 2HP is working to develop new books and products.  All of our products are age-appropriate and address these delicate topics in a positive manner.  As we grow, we have plans to encompass the many different scenarios and age groups affected.  Therefore, our goal is to educate, comfort, inspire, and empower children and families with children’s books as our focus.

What are we working on?

 Product Type Age Group Relationship
Book 4-8 years Child of 2 Homes
Book 2-7 years Half or Step Siblings
Book  6-12 years All
Game 2+ years All
Game 6+ years All